Yes, yes, this is from back in the fall, though with our crazy warm weather we’ve been having, we could have taken this over the weekend…and been warm! LOL  Our Chicago weather has been disconcertingly warm, even back in November.  This is my second year photographing this handsome family.  We did such a great job the first time around, that I hoped we could measure up again – but we did!  And both years, someone was under the weather.  On this November day, it was pretty windy, but they were still able to be without coats, which is a minor miracle.

I can’t wait to get back into the family season!

Naperville photographer


These brothers are awesome and so much fun.  I really love the blue velvet sports coat that the eldest son was wearing.  The little one would normally be so difficult to get to do what I want, but he was wonderful and did everything I asked, including standing just where I said.  Lovely boys!

Downers Grove photographer


I love these barns with the ability to open the top like this.     And I totally love mom’s awesome shoes!  The boys were a bit nervous to balance on the door, but with dad holding on, it worked out great.

Hinsdale photographer


While the above may be my favorite family picture from this session, the below was their favorite.  It was their main picture for their Christmas cards this year.  Adding some warm fall tones to the background helps make this image perfect.

Elmhurst photographer


Now, you’ve seen the above and see how gorgeous the mom is, right?  Can you believe she doesn’t think she looks good in these pictures?! I say this because she is utterly and totally wrong. LOL

Burr ridge photographer


And then we did a picture of just the boys.  I love this one.  It is so important to get pictures of you with your children.  And check out those real smiles.

Wheaton photographer
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I love meeting new clients, especially when they leave saying how much they enjoyed their experience.  I had the pleasure of working with this lovely family and their little baby boy.  He was such a smiley little guy, and his parents were super sweet people.  Now for every session, I highly recommend parents being in at least a couple of pictures.  Time passes us by too quickly, and before we know it, we are looking back at memories, but we aren’t in them.  Remember these times – all these moments – whether we are looking our best or not.  Because in the years to come, these pictures aren’t just for you, they are for your children to look back and see.  And they will want to see their parents.  They will not think te.hat mom looks fat or dad looks old.  They will look at them and see love.  (Obviously this mom is not in any way heavy or dad old – this was a general response to what I hear when I ask parents to be in a picture).

Thankfully, this was a family that wanted family pictures as well as some of just the baby.

Naperville photographer



At this age, he was all over the place, so holding him and playing with him was the best solution.

Downers Grove photographer


He liked the couch, but we were all very close in case he tried to make a break for it – which he did. LOL

Hinsdale photographer


This is my favorite picture from this session. I love how he is in focus and they are slightly blurry.  He is the center of their universe – and it shows.  His expression is also priceless, so full of mischief.

Burr Ridge photographer


Then it was some naked baby time on the bed!  Thankfully, he didn’t go to the bathroom and cause me to do laundry.  Babies tend to be happy on beds because they are used to being played with at home by mom and dad there.

Elmhurst photographer


And I love to get some profile pictures in there, too.

Wheaton photographer


I can’t wait to see this little guy again!  I’m sure he will be walking by then, and hopefully just as sweet and playful as he was this time.  Thank you to these parents for choosing Firefly Nights Photography!

When I photographed this baby girl’s older sister for her newborn pictures, she was the smallest baby I had photographed at under five pounds.  Her little sister was a bit bigger, but still just a tiny thing.  This couple makes beautifully tiny baby girls. :)  It’s been a while since I had this sessions, but was behind on blogging, so now I can’t remember a lot about the session.  I’ll just have to let the pictures speak for themselves.

I have a newborn picture up in the studio using this basket.  Client tend to see it and want that one – I understand why. I love them like this.

Chicago newborn photographer


Then it was time for something new with this purple set up.  Her green headband went perfectly with it.  I love creating pieces of art for families that can stay on the walls forever.

Naperville newborn photographer


I love my dark chocolate blanket used with baby girls.  She looks beautiful against it.  Some clients are worried about showing a newborn’s cord if it is still on.  Since I highly recommend photographing newborns as early as possible, most do still have their cords attached.  I do not edit out cords.  Most pictures do not show the belly buttons, but ones that do are left like this.  If anything, it shows how young a baby is – they are newborns.

Downers Grove newborn photographer


We also added one of my tutus for a couple of pictures.  This green is not a color all babies can carry off, but she did so beautifully.

Hinsdale newborn photographer


While she was a little tiny baby, she perfectly posed with her head in her hands for me.

Elmhurst newborn photographer


And then we also did some pictures in this pink blanket.  They loved the butterfly wings.

Burr Ridge newborn photographer


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I’ve been photographing this family since their daughter was a baby.  I love it when I get to celebrate the addition of a new family member with my clients.  This wonderful family is soon expecting a son.  When they were pregnant with their daughter, they were in another state had outdoor maternity pictures done.  They wanted to do something totally different this turn around.  She had the idea to go formal – which I LOVE.  She had a floor length, black dress, with her husband in a suit and daughter in a formal dress.  She found material to match their daughter’s dress and made a belt for herself and a pocket square for her husband.  But she wanted to do something different, so while they are really dressed up, they were barefoot.  Did I already say that I love this session?  Seriously, how gorgeous is this?  Their daughter couldn’t have been better behaved.

Chicago maternity photographer


I can’t wait to see this family when they become a family of four.

Naperville maternity photographer


Downers Grove maternity photographer


We also did some pictures of just mom and dad in a starker setup with the white wall.

Burr Ridge maternity photographer


Then it was a time for some family snuggles on the bed.  I bet we recreate this with the baby.  I didn’t tell the girl to lay her head down, but I loved it.

Oak Brook maternity photographer


It’s always important to get just mom and dad alone.  So often we focus only on the kids, but remember, each family started with just two people in love.

Elmhurst maternity photographer


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Ok, if you’ve been following me at all, you know what my favorite session is – six month olds.  I especially love six month olds whom I photographed as newborns, because then I get to be amazed by how much they have changed.  This little doll has grown so much, though I did get to see her and her big sister at my Santa mini sessions.  She has some of the best eyelashes ever.  I can’t wait to see how she changes in the next six months!  Will she have hair?  Who knows!  I bet she is just going to be beautiful.  What is always so strange and interesting is watching genetics at play and how two people from the same genetic pool can look so different from each other.  This babe and her big sister are opposites.

So lets start with this sweet smile and big dark eyes as she sat on my antique grey chair.

Chicago baby photographer


Then it was an outfit change and a nursery set up.

Naperville baby photographer


Then it was naked time on the bed!  I love showing their little fat rolls at this age.  And I love when they play with their toes.

downers grove baby photographer


You can just tell she was a happy baby.  Next time I see her, she will be mobile…such a shame.  LOL  She has such sparkling eyes – is it mischief or sweetness?  Too early to tell.

hinsdale baby photographer


Then it was a pretty formal dress and a formal, dark background to compliment it.

elmhurst baby photographer


Lastly, we wanted to use the box we had put her in as a newborn to show how much she has grown.  We will use it again with her sitting on it for her one year pictures.  I love her diva peacock headband here.  And the best part?  Those little fat rolls!

burr ridge baby photographer


What a great variety we got in a short amount of time.  Are you looking for a photographer for your family to create beautiful portraits?  Then we encourage you to browse through our Galleries to see more of our work, and then contact us to schedule your own appointment.