How I love finishing up a client’s Baby’s First Year program, where we do newborn, six month, and then one year sessions and compile them into a single album that encompasses the whole year.  This little guy is turning into a bit of a red head.  I wonder if it will last??  I can’t wait to see him at two and see what his hair looks like then!  And look at those incredibly blue eyes.  He looks beautiful in cream, doesn’t he?

At this age, babies like to investigate and rarely like to stay where I want them. LOL  But give them something to bang on like a drum, and babies are happy to stay in one spot.  At least for a little while.

Naperville baby photographer

Such a sweet little guy with his smile.

Downers Grove baby photographer


Then we put together this little aviator set up, which I totally love.  I always forget I have this!  I love that you can see a mischievous twinkle in his eyes here.  Signs of what’s to come, perhaps?

Hinsdale baby photographer


Seriously, those eyes are just so blue!  I think I would stare into them all day if I were his mom.  At least I got to get a sweet fix while he was with me.

Elmhurst baby photographer


Another great way to get a mobile baby to stay still is to give them something to play with. The trick is to make sure it is something you actually want photographed and goes with the scene.  He also had an outfit change for this boyish setup, though he barely fit into those overalls. LOL

Wheaton baby photographer


I love a profile picture.  He was definitely into playing with those trucks of mine.  And having him in neutral colors works great against the vintage dark co

Burr Ridge baby photographer


I have been photographing this pretty little lady since she was a newborn.  It is always a treat to see her every year and see how much she has changed.  She has grown into the sweetest little thing, telling me she thought my hair was pretty and leaving me with big hugs.  Seriously, she is just a treat to get to photograph.  And now, she is already three years old!  It’s hard to believe, but at the same time, she seems even older.

She is a beautiful girl, inside and out.  And at this age, there is so much personality just bubbling out of her.  It was fun to capture all of her many faces as she chatted with me.  While it is important to get children to smile for the camera, it is equally as important to get different expressions, too.  I tend to be drawn to the quiet intimacy of a serious expression or mood.  I also don’t mind having pictures where they aren’t looking straight at the camera.

Naperville photographer


But then she was all sass for a split second – hinting at the years to come, I’m sure!

Downers Grove photographer


Couldn’t you just fall into those deep brown eyes?  I love extreme close ups like this.

Hinsdale photographer


And then she would turn around and be silly.  I think this was her “strong” pose.  Perhaps a superhero whose super power is giggles.

Elmhurst photographer


And then she would turn around and give me this sweet smile.

Burr Ridge photographer


We also changed things up and did some very colorful pictures at the end with this fuchsia background and an outfit change.  She wanted to wear this dress, as it was her favorite.

Wheaton photographer


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Showcasing a high school senior’s special interests is one of my favorite things about doing senior pictures.  Photographing athletes is obviously one of my favorite things, but I have also done a fair amount of musicians.  But this Oswego East High School senior was a virtual one man band!  He started on the clarinet, but soon was expanding to brass instruments – the trumpet, trombone, and tuba.  Music is obviously his thing.  He has been in jazz band, pep band, marching band.  And that is just off the top of my head.  As we worked together, he told me he has also been teaching himself some other instruments.  So when he told me that he would like to be a music teacher, I wasn’t at all surprised.

I love this collage showing off his versatility.  And how awesome is it that he has his own tuxedo thanks to band!

senior band player


senior photography


And of course we had to do a cool picture in his tux.  Very James Bond. 😉

Hinsdale senior photographer


After the tuxedo, we went on a brisk walk.  It was freezing, but being a teenage boy, he didn’t wear a coat and didn’t seem to feel the cold. LOL  But I sure did!

Elmhurst senior photographer


Burr Ridge senior photographer


Lastly, since it was winter, we went back to the studio for some more pictures of him.  This is his true self and the outfit that really is him, socks and flip

Wheaton senior photographer


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I so love it when families that I have gotten to know over the years grow and expand, so I can start all over again with them!  And if this new baby boy is anything like his big brother, then I can’t wait for the smiles that are to come.  Sometimes, I think newborn babies simply look like, well, babies.  Sometimes like skinny old men. LOL  And sometimes they resemble a family member.  With this baby, I could really see his older brother in his face.  I wonder if he will be as adorable?

This sweet little guy was only six days old when he came into my studio in downtown Naperville.  He was a perfectly sleepy baby for me – I’m always thankful for sleepy ones!  Now, how sweet is this big brother, whose only a toddler, himself?

Chicago newborn photographer


I love taking intimate pictures, and nothing is more intimate and powerful than a parent with their new child.   Just look at those chubby cheeks and sweet lips.

Naperville newborn photographer


And I totally love this one of mother and baby.  The quietness, the colors, the pose.  I love that he already has fat rolls on his arms.

Downers Grove newborn photographer


I just want to kiss those lips!  I also love this yellow and gray  outfit with the heart on the rump.

Hinsdale newborn photographer


And of course we had some fun with this rustic box and fur.

Elmhurst newborn photographer


And who can resist what I term the pixie hat?

Wheaton newborn photographer


Newborn photography sessions are always a treat – a lot of work, but still a wonderful experience.  If you are expecting, be sure to contact Firefly Nights Photography as soon as the baby has arrived, so we can capture the baby as  true newborn – within the first two weeks of life.