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Lovely | Chicago Children’s and Family Photographer

Every client is unique, with their own dynamics.  It is one of my favorite aspects of this job – that even if I go to the same place, it will never be the same experience, because every child is always unique.  This family didn’t disappoint. They saw my special needs flier at Easter Seals where their son receives therapies.  Gavin was a fun and active four year old who decided that being bribed with Smarties was a very good thing. LOL.  And while this all sounds like a typical session, they had a special purpose for this session.  They are looking to grow their family and needed images for the adoption agency that showed them as a family as well as just the parents as a couple.  I wanted to show a loving, joyful family, so that a pregnant woman could look at them and say, “I want my baby to be part of this family.”

It was far more pressure (self-inflicted) than a regular session, but I am thrilled with the results.

Gavin does have some delays due to lack of oxygen at birth.  The only obstacle it presented for me was that he was not apt to listen to directions.  Instead, I worked with his own interests, which resulted in one of my favorite pictures.  He was hugging this tree, so I went to the other side and said, “Where’s Gavin?”  He popped out with this smile, and I was ready.

And of course we had to get some pictures of the beautiful couple.

Ok, this one I just had to share because I thought it was so cute.  Gavin ran up to his daddy and bowled him over. Sometimes these lifestyle ones show so much of a relationship and are so much more intimate and lasting. Lifestyle family pictures are my favorite.

Ok, now for the funny side story.  So at the end we were talking about next steps, etc, and she is explaining where they live.  It turns out they live about three houses down from my childhood home!  How crazy is that??  I just got back from their client viewing and enjoyed looking at the old neighborhood.

Family | Chicago Children’s Photographer

I finally got to settle up with my Naperville Magazine contest winner, who just happens to be a neighbor, to boot!  I don’t often photograph people I know, so it was a treat.  Of course, it is easy to take great pictures of such a good looking family.  And with these gorgeous fall colors right now, it was all the better.  I loved getting such a variety from them and all in a little corner park in Naperville.