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Liam | Elmhurst baby photographer | Addison baby photographer

I met the most adorable 6 month old baby recently – Liam.  Usually I prefer to wait until babies are 7 months old because they usually aren’t sitting at 6 months, but this little guy was incredibly strong and already pushing up into a bear crawl stance.  He was also just super cute and smiley. While I brought backdrops and whatnot, we decided to use their actual home as the stage because it was beautiful.

Tell me he isn’t perfect?







Snow Princess | Naperville – Chicago Child Photographer

After almost a month of being sick, I was finally able to get out and shoot again.  There are a few reasons I am happy to share this session with everyone.  First off, she is just gorgeous.  This 11 year old is right at that age where she is starting to leave childhood behind.  I’m thrilled that I got to capture her in this time.  Secondly, this goes perfectly with my current FaceBook contest for a free snow session.  Most people want outdoor portrait sessions done in the summer and fall around here, but don’t discount winter in Chicago.  Turning the landscape into muted tones can create for beautiful portraits.  Sessions are just quicker. ;)  And snow can make for great family lifestyle sessions with everyone playing in the snow.

But back to Miss Annie here.  Isn’t she a heartbreaker?

Now, while she looks all glamorous, Annie is just a normal kid who froze for a few minutes but never complained.

She doesn’t smile with her teeth and would cover up her mouth when she laughed.  When I showed her this one, she hated it because she is so self-conscious about her smile.  I told her to trust me, her mom would love it.

My first magazine cover publication | Naperville – Chicago child photographer

I’ve been waiting for the electronic file in order to share this with you.  I found out in November that one of my images was selected to be the cover for this issue of the international magazine, Autism File.  It is my first magazine cover, so I’m very excited.  Hopefully, it is only the first of many!

Singh it Loud | Long Grove – Chicago Child Photographer

Sorry, I couldn’t pass up the pun.  I had gone back and forth with this family over the past many months, trying to schedule a session.  It finally happened!  I was excited to photograph this family because I have never photographed traditional Indian attire.  This was also my first venture up to Long Grove.  The family looked beautiful, and they were simply delightful.  The boys had fun trying to tell me knock knock jokes and were obvious pros at smiling.

After taking pictures inside, we went outside because there was a nice open field/lot next door. But it was cooooold and windy.  They did a great job thinking warm thoughts. lol

Holiday Cheer | Chicago – Elmhurst Children’s Photographer

This family found me through the DuPage Moms of Multiples group.  With one year old twins and a three year old big brother, they wanted some holiday pictures.  The session almost didn’t happen because both of the twins had been sick that week, but luckily the bug had passed in time for our photo shoot.  I am always amazed at how different twins’ personalities can be.  These two were night and day on this particular session.  The boy was nothing but giggles and smiles, whereas the girl was reserved and shy.  But by the end, I had her fully smiling – mostly by having mom and dad play peek-a-boo over my shoulder.