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Dog Days of Summer | Chicago Naperville pet photographer, Naperville Photographer

Well, this heat is enough to make me want to stay inside, but I was pulled out for some pet shoots with some adorable guys and lady.  Thankfully, we kept the sessions fairly short because no one wanted to be out in that humidity.  While the pug was only a baby and a bit crazy, the rest were well behaved dogs.  I brought a bag of treats, which they all enjoyed.  The pug preferred to just attack the bag, itself.;)
















Squishy Love | Chicago Naperville Newborn Baby photographer, Downers Grove newborn baby Photographer

After providing maternity photos for the mamma a few weeks back, I was waiting for this little baby to be born.  Meet Brynley.  Don’t you just love that name?!  I got to meet her at only five days old – the perfect age for newborn sessions.  She loved to curl up and was a wonderful little model.  She hardly fussed at all.  She is a little short thing and so squishy when she curled up.  How could I call this post anything other than squishy love?   Congratulations to this couple on their first child.  I hope she stays as sweet and peaceful as she was on this day.

When we first started, she was wide awake but calm.



She kept just staring at me. Even though I know she couldn’t really see me, I was amazed that she just stared my way.  Love this image.




















Beauty | Chicago – Naperville Photographer, Naperville Maternity Photographer

When I discovered this field with my kids, I knew I had to do a maternity session here. It is just so beautiful. And then I got the perfect woman for it. We talked many times about clothes and ideas. She even sent pictures of dressed through her phone. Love it when people are excited for our sessions!

I went for a strong backlit, hazy mood. I wanted it dreamy. And this gorgeous momma-to-be was a natural in front of the camera.  I love the entire session, so it is hard to pick only some to share here.






Dad-to-be came along and was also a great sport.  I really love this image:










And then it was time for some outdoor studio lighting.




And  I just think she is STUNNING here!

Lucy | Elmhurst – Naperville newborn photographer, Naperville photographer

I have been photographing this family since they were a family of four. Now with the addition of little Lucy, they are a family of six. It has been so fun to watch this family grow. While I usually do outdoor pictures for this family, I clearly remembered being at their home doing the newborn session for Lucy’s big sister. My, how time flies!

Little Lucy was a peach, but I cracked up because every time I would ask mom to kiss her, she would scrunch up her face into a scowl. LOL I think her big brothers are used to being big brothers, but her newly promoted big sis was fascinated by the whole session and was very interested in everything I was doing.

Congratulations on bringing Lucy into your wonderful family.

Out on the town | Naperville Maternity photographer, Oswego photographer

I photographed this couple last year with their son who has autism.  She is such a effervescent woman, and being pregnant only made her more so.  Of course they are thrilled to be having a baby, but on this particular day, it was also their anniversary.  After having dinner downtown Naperville, we met and went on a walk along the river walk.













After all that walking, she got what every pregnant woman deserves – a foot rub!


I look forward to meeting their baby in August.  Can’t wait!