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Time for some more realtor headshots for Caton Commercial Realty.  I have had the pleasure of photographing some of their realtors and staff before, and now with new staff, it was time to add these.


Naperville head shot photographer


Downers Grove headshot photographer


Elmhurst photographer


Wheaton photographer

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Naperville Photographer, Elmhurst Photographer | Toddler

I met this little guy recently and fell in love with his white-blonde hair.  At 21 months, he was very much on the go while in the studio for his portrait session.  Even though he was on the go, he was very cooperative and full of smiles for me.  Of course, it helped that he and I spoke the same language – the language of raspberries.  LOL  I sing songs like The Itsy Bitsy Spider, clap my hands, play peek-a-boo, and blow raspberries in order to get little ones to look at me and smile.  It usually works – and thankfully worked with this little guy, too.

Chicago baby photographer









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Naperville Family Photographer | Hinsdale Photographer |Love & Laughter

It was a beautiful day for this family session.  Well, beautiful except for one thing….mosquitoes!  Holy cow, we were eaten alive by the wee nasty things!  And while we were all being bitten, I felt so very sorry for this mom because the bites were swelling fiercely on her – and the mosquitoes seemed to love her face.  I told her not to worry, that I would take care of it in processing (which I did), but man, I felt bad for her.

On the other hand, their little girl had a blast exploring and adventuring with me.  She was full to bursting with giggles and smiles and playing.  Family portraits do not have to be boring – they can be lots of fun if the subjects are willing, and it was impossible not to have fun when this little girl was so full of life.  Can’t you just feel it when looking at her?


Naperville family photographer


Downers Grove photographer


I love how much she laughed.  The way she crinkled up her face – just love it.

Hinsdale family photographer


But sometimes, even silly, happy girls don’t want to follow directions or be near their mom and dad. LOL  I included this picture because it is just so classic for toddlers.  I was trying to get her to go stand by her parents when she went and sat as far away as she could. LOL

Elmhurst photographer


But then I played some hide and seek with her, and the smiles and fun were back.

Burr Ridge family photographer


Wheaton photographer


Plainfield photographer


St Charles photographer


It was great meeting this family and having fun with their little girl.  Fall is the best time of year for family portraits, so don’t let it pass you by without contacting Firefly Nights Photography to schedule your own family session with us.  Firefly Nights Photography is located in Naperville, easily servicing clients from all over Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, especially the western ones like Downers Grove and Hinsdale and Wheaton.

We also provide maternity, newborn, child, high school senior, and athlete portrait sessions, as well.  Please check out our galleries for more of our work.

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Naperville Newborn Photographer, Downers Grove newborn photographer

This little guy was so tiny when I met him.  Just a wee little thing.  And absolutely perfect!  He was a beautiful, sleepy newborn baby for me – which I appreciated. LOL  He pretty much just chilled and ate and slept – just how it ideally should go.  Seriously – isn’t he gorgeous?  Of course, with such beautiful parents, it is hard for him not to be perfect.  You may recognize the parents from a recent maternity session I did over the summer.  i love watching families grow and change, and I look forward to watching this little baby also grow.

Welcome to the world, little Shaylan.  And congratulations to his happy parents!

Chicago baby photographer


Naperville baby photographer


Wheaton baby photographer


Downers Grove baby photographer


Hinsdale baby photographer



This may be my newest favorite flooring.  I just love the worn look and faded colors.

Elmhurst baby photographer


Burr Ridge baby photographer


Plainfield baby photographer


St Charles baby photographer


Firefly Nights Photography is an award-winning portrait studio located in Naperville.  We cater to all of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, especially Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Elmhurst, and St. Charles.  If you have need of maternity, newborn, baby, child, high school senior, family, or athlete pictures, then contact us today to learn more and schedule your own session!

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Chicago Maternity Photographer, Naperville Maternity Photographer | Love

Sometimes maternity photography sessions are all about the belly.  Sometimes they are all about the mother-to-be.  And sometimes they are all about the couple.  The two becoming three.  The birth of a family. :)  So when I asked if she wanted to do mostly just her and a few of them both, she let it be known that pretty much everything should include them both.  That’s fine.  But after about five minutes with them, I understood the why.  These two are disgustingly, adorably, sickeningly, incredibly in love.  That sort of love that you really don’t see often in real life.  I bet they were a dream come true when they had their engagement pictures done because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.  Seriously, sometimes it takes a lot of posing to get couples looking natural and good, but these two just fell into each other. LOL

I can’t wait to meet their little newborn baby when he arrives.  They were so much fun to photograph.  They made me laugh plenty.  Their baby is certainly going to be lucky to be raised within such a loving home.  It warms my heart.   But enough of all this sappiness, onto the pictures!

Chicago maternity photography


Naperville photographer









If you are currently pregnant and wanting maternity pictures, Firefly Nights Photography recommends having your session between 32-34 weeks.  If you are looking for maternity, newborn, child, high school senior, family, or athlete portraits, contact Firefly Nights Photography today for more information.  And please take a look at our Galleries for more of our work.

We are located in downtown Naperville, but our clients come from all over Chicago, especially the western suburbs.

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