Naperville Photographer | Red Couch Mini-Session (Part 1)

Time for my annual red couch mini-sessions.  I have been really fortunate in regards to winter every year.  I always host these the first weekend in November, and tend to have sunny days.  Well, if you live in the Chicago area, you may remember how horrible it was on Halloween this year.  It was incredibly high winds and really cold.  It was miserable.  Well, these mini-sessions were scheduled for the very next day.  So, for the first time ever, I sent out an email to all the clients giving them the option to reschedule their mini-session in studio or to keep it for the next day.  More than half decided to reschedule, though it is too bad that they did, as the afternoon was sunny and actually nice.

We had the perfect location for this year with the beautiful grasses and not far from my car, so we weren’t lugging the couch too terribly far.  Now here are the brave souls who ventured out the day after Halloween.  I’ll be editing the rescheduled red couch mini’s next to keep them all together, so be prepared for more!

These brothers were my morning clients while it was still chilly with no sun.  But they were great sports!  And they win for best outfits – love their bow ties!

Chicago children's photographer


Naperville child photographer


Several afternoon clients kept their slots, and by then the sun was out.

Downers Grove family photographer



Elmhurst family photographer



Wheaton family photographer



As the sun started getting lower in the sky, it was truly beautiful.

St charles family photographer


Oswego photographer


And by the end, the sun was so low, it created these looks:



If you enjoy the look of these pictures, then be sure to sign up for next fall’s red couch mini-sessions.  They are announced and filled within hours, so sign up to receive our newsletters or follow us on FaceBook.  Of course, I have been known to lug this couch out for a full session, as well.

Firefly Nights Photography is an internationally award-winning studio located in Naperville, servicing all of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.  If you have a need for portraits – be it maternity, newborn, baby, child, high school senior, or family – we hope you keep us in mind.

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Chicago Family Photographer, Naperville Photographer |

I met this handsome family last year, and in the year that has passed, their little daughter has grown so much!  At two years old, she had no intention of sitting still, or of sitting at all. LOL  We originally wanted her to sit on the couch with her parents, but she would immediately slouch and try to slide off.  Photographing toddlers means you have to be flexible in your approach and your expectations.  I laughed and said they are mini terrorists – we are completely at their mercy and unreasonable demands. ;)  I asked if I could offer her a jelly bean.  Well, she had never seen one before, and while she was very excited to have one, she never ate it.  Instead, we played hide and seek in her skirts. Sometimes it would end up on my lens, to which she would smile and point at me.  Whatever it takes to get good pictures!

They were also the first clients to try out my new grey couch, which I love.

Chicago baby photographer


Naperville family photographer


She loved to cuddle with her daddy.  So sweet.


Then our little darling changed into what she called her “ballerina” outfit. :)

Downers Grove family photographer


Hinsdale family photographer


Elmhurst family photographer


Burr Ridge family photographer


Since we had a picture of daddy and daughter, we needed to make sure to get mommy in on the love.

Plainfield photographer


If you are needing a photographer for maternity, newborn, baby, child, high school senior, or family portraits, we hope you consider contacting Firefly Nights Photography.  We are located in downtown Naperville, easily servicing all of Chicago and its surround suburbs.

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Alexandra - November 20, 2014 - 6:14 pm

Wow, these are all gorgeous!

Downers Grove Photographer, Naperville Photographer | Ten

Ten.  Double digits.  Turning ten years old is a significant milestone.  I mean, I have vivid memories of being 10.  I got my ears pierced, I was old enough to be left home alone while my parents went grocery shopping.  And I specifically remember NOT feeling like a little kid.  I had a sense of self that seemed grown up to me.  And now my baby, my first born, my sweet, joyous son has turned this incredible age of no longer a little kid.  He’s already up to my bottom lip.  How many more years until he is taller than I am?  How many more years will he willingly want me to hug and hold him?  How many more years will he still call me “mommy” instead of “mom”?  Or do I only have months left of the baby before he fully emerges from his cocoon into the tween era?

He is growing up so quickly, but still a little kid at heart who laughs loudly and readily.  And since I had finally gotten around to take his annual pictures, I always toss his sister in for some sibling pics.  You can tell how goofy they are.  Oh, and if you’ve been a client of mine, you know how calm and patient I am.  And if you are a stressed out parent, you may remember how I tell you not to worry, that I have it, etc.  Well, I figure it will make you feel better to know that I was a stress case for my own shoot when it comes to my children.  I had picked out other clothing for him – of course he didn’t want to wear it.  They were being goofy, and I just wanted nice pictures.  So, yes, family pictures or any portrait session can be stressful – for anyone! LOL

He has really gotten better with giving me real smiles, or at least letting me make him laugh to get them.


Naperville child photographer


Downers Grove child photographer


Hinsdale photographer


Elmhurst photographer


Wheaton child photographer


Burr Ridge photographer


Ok, this next one is just a random capture, but I love it.  They were having a leaf fight.  He had just thrown some at her and was running away as fast as he could from her. LOL

Saint Charles photographer


If you are looking for a photographer for your family – be it maternity, newborn, baby, child, high school senior, or family – then contact Firefly Nights Photography.  Our studio is located in Naperville with clients coming to us from all over Chicago, especially the western suburbs.  We also love outdoor, on-location sessions.

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Sharon - November 19, 2014 - 2:40 am

Megan, these are truly terrific!! You have managed to capture his essence, and his maturing personality, all while still highlighting his fun and goofy side (I think that is equal parts Mom & Dad?!). I love the pics of them together as well!! You are doubly blessed-As a photographer AND a Mom ;-)

Naperville Photographer, Hinsdale Photographer | Family Pictures

I really love this family’s outfits for their family portraits.  Having the girl wear plaid – LOVE!  This is a great example of picking a color palette of three colors.  This allows a group to not look too “matchy”, but instead to look coordinated, which is ideal.   As long as everyone wears those colors, and then accents with other colors in the pallets, it will achieve a good result.  We were supposed to have had our session a couple of weeks prior, but weather had us reschedule to this day.  And boy, were the photographers out on this day – a rare sunny and pleasant late October day.  There were probably five other families with photographers also out there with us.  It was pretty windy, but the sun at least kept the kids warm.

These kiddos still look the same to me as last year when I did their photos, just taller.  How could I forget them – him with those precious curls and huge smile, and her with her shy smile and big dark eyes.  Instead of the formal grounds of our session last year, they picked the dilapidated barn look, a much more casual setting.  And the red, white, and blue goes perfectly.


Naperville family photographer


Downers Grove family photographer


Hinsdale family photographer


This next picture totally epitomizes these kids’ personalities.

Elmhurst family photographer


Aurora photographer


Plainfield photographer


St Charles family photographer


Fall has certainly been crazy this year with all of these families squeezing in their fall family pictures here in our lovely Chicago weather.  We’ve been lucky to have so many decent days.

Firefly Nights Photography is a portrait studio located in downtown Naperville.  Our clients come from all over Chicago, especially the western suburbs.  We provide both in studio, as well as outdoor on location, sessions for maternity, newborn, baby, child, high school senior, family, as well as athletes.  We look forward to working with you soon.

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Naperville Photographer, Hinsdale Photographer | Cheeky Monkey

It has been a year or so since I’ve seen this little girl. She was only a baby then, and my has she grown.  While she usually takes a long time to warm up to strangers, she was pretty quick to smile with me.  By starting with her mommy, she was able to get to know me while still being in the familiar safety of her mother’s arms.  Soon enough, she was off exploring and being mischievous, and showing me her belly.  What is it with toddlers lifting up their clothes to show you their belly buttons?  LOL

The good thing about having a studio is that no matter the weather, it is always just right inside the studio.  I loved how her sweater complimented the color of the flowers in the background.


Naperville children's photographer


Downers Grove children's photographer


I love her little cheeky monkey smile here:

Hinsdale children's photographer


And while she gives smiles readily, she is also a serious child. And I officially love purples and greys together.

Elmhurst children's photographer



This next one cracks me up.  I love her expression.  She looks like she is waiting for her mommy to get her.

Wheaton children's photographer


Then we went down to the riverwalk for a few minutes where she proceeded to pick up leaves and drop them down to the ducks below.

Plainfield photographer


Firefly Nights Photography is an award-winning portrait studio located in downtown Naperville.  Our clients come to us from all over Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, especially the western ones like Elmhurst, Downers Grove, and St. Charles.

If you are interested in a maternity, newborn, baby, child, high school senior, family, or athlete session, we encourage you to browse through our Galleries to get a feel for our work and then contact us to discuss your own needs.

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