Chicago Newborn Baby Photographer, Naperville Photographer | Twins

Technically, these twin boys are not newborns.  They are eight weeks old, and they were born at 38 weeks gestation.  They are “babies” now.  Eight weeks is not a great age to photograph babies, but we seriously lucked out.  They miraculously slept most of the time.  Therefore, I was able to do newborn photographs of the twins.  Clients – don’t expect the same results if you wait this long! LOL  It really was a great session.  I do not get nearly enough red heads in my studio, and of course, I adore them.  These twins couldn’t be more different.  They are a full pound difference already.  One has a ton of red hair; the other is bald.  Even their features are different.  But they are both beautiful, and I loved being able to work so well with them.

But first, we got to do family pictures, including their adorable big sister.  When older siblings are toddlers, I love putting them on the bed, so the older ones don’t really have to “hold” the babies.  If they get antsy (which they always do), the baby isn’t going to get hurt or really dropped.

Chicago baby photographer


Naperville baby photographer


In this next picture you can really see the size difference.

Wheaton baby photographer


Downers Grove baby photographer


And can you believe that at eight weeks old, this guy balanced all by himself here?  Seriously, no PhotoShop work involved.

Hinsdale baby photographer


elmhurst baby photographer


Burr Ridge photographer


I love his red hair against the cream.

Plainfield baby photographer


St Charles baby photographer


Oswego newborn photographer


Ideally, the recommended age for newborn pictures is the first two weeks of life, but obviously we can try to work with older babies.  Firefly Nights Photography has been named Best Photographer for the past four years and won international competitions for our work.  We are a portrait photography studio, specializing in capturing the essence of our clients – be them maternity, newborn, child, high school senior, family, or athletes.  Please be sure to check out our work in our Galleries and contact us when you are ready for your own session.  Firefly Nights Photography is located in downtown Naperville, and our clients come from all over Chicago, especially the western suburbs (like Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Elmhurst, and St. Charles).  We look forward to working with you!

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Chicago Athlete Photographer, Athletic Photographer | Swimmer

I was very flattered that this senior drove all the way from Bloomington, Illinois for these athlete portraits.  It is such a small world.  Her family is FaceBook friends with a previous swimmer I had photographed, so they had seen them and wanted something for their senior swimmer.  Well, as I’m talking with the mom, I make the connections.  And while the dad was about five years older than I, we swam on the same USS team, so I knew of him.  Such a small world within the individual competitive sports.

But now on to Lauren, an amazing swimmer in her senior year.

Chicago sports photographer


Naperville senior photographer


althetic photographer


If you have your own teen athlete – or adult athlete – then contact Firefly Nights Photography for your own session to memorialize this time and sport.  Please note, that we do not recommend doing athlete sessions for younger children, as the edginess is more appropriate for older teens and adults.  We are located in downtown Naperville, easily bringing clients from all over Chicago, especially the western suburbs.

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Naperville Family Photographer, Hinsdale Photographer |Play time

It has been about a year since I last saw this family, and my how the two boys have grown in that time!  At two and four years old now, they were definitely up for an adventure.  At these ages, it means lots of running around and not wanting to be still for a picture.  But that is okay, it’s why I get all hot and sweaty during my work.  I’m up for the challenge of getting them to smile and chasing them down, and tricking them into being still for just a moment.  With the younger brother, after a while, he decided it was great fun to give me high five’s, so he would come give me one, smile huge, and I would tell him “Now go back!  go back!”  And we would do it over and over again.  With his big brother, he was fascinated by the tall weeds, so we bribed him with them.  “If you stay here, I will get you a tall white one.”  “If you put your hand here, your dad will get you a tall purple one.”  Etc.  LOL  Yes, there was a lot of work going into this session, but it was great with happy smiles from all.

This location is a great one for families with all of the architecture.


Naperville family photographer


Downers Grove family photographer


Hinsdale family photographer


Elmhurst family photographer


I absolutely love this picture of the little guy trying to give me a high five.

Burr Ridge family photographer


St Charles family photographer


And this one is sort of a silly one, but when he was really happy, he would open his mouth up wide for this huge open mouthed smile.  I had to get a picture of it.

Plainfield photographer


Oswego photographer


Fall family pictures time are upon us here at Firefly Nights Photography.  If you live in Chicago or the surrounding western suburbs like Naperville, Hinsdale, Elmhurst, or St Charles, be sure to contact us today to schedule your own family portraits.  Autumn in Chicagoland is beautiful, but we have limited time before the leaves drop.

Firefly Nights Photography also provides maternity, newborn, baby, child, high school senior, and athlete sports portrait sessions.  Please take a look at our galleries for more examples of our work.  We look forward to working with you and your own family soon!

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Naperville Newborn Photographer, Downers Grove Newborn Photographer

Oh, sweetness.  Such a little bundle of pure bliss.  Newborn baby photography, while a bit grueling at times, is so rewarding.  This little girls was 20 days old when I met her. Almost three weeks, which can be tough, but she was a good little baby for me.  I enjoyed stealing her from her mom whenever I could.  Sometimes I feel like I’m part baby whisperer during these sessions as I bounce, rock, and soothe, but really I don’t mind at all.  These baby fixes are delightful, especially when it is such a beautiful baby.

Now its time for you all to meet sweet, little Avery.  She was wide awake for awhile with us, but was pretty calm.  We got an amazing amount of variety with this session – angelic, innocent, cute, dramatic, colorful, and vintage.  In arms, baskets, blankets, and moons.  LOL  Couldn’t ask for more!

Chicago baby photographer


Naperville baby photographer


Plainfield newborn photographer


Downers Grove baby photographer


Hinsdale baby photographer


Elmhurst baby photographer


Burr Ridge baby photographer


St Charles baby photographer


Hinsdale photographer


If you are currently pregnant and interested in your own newborn photography session, then contact Firefly Nights Photography today to schedule something.  Located in Naperville, our clients come from all over Chicago and its suburbs.  The most ideal time to photograph newborns is within the first two weeks of life – the younger the better.  Obviously, we can work with older, but I always say there are no guarantees.;)

Besides newborn photography, we also offer maternity, child, high school senior, family, and athlete sessions, as well.  Please check out our galleries for more of our work.

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Chicago Baby Photographer, Naperville Baby Photographer | One

I have had the joy of watching this little guy grow through his newborn, six month, and now his one year session with me.  Some babies are serious.  Some are shy.  And then there are these happy little nuggets.  Seriously, he is just the biggest smiler, constantly flirting with those twinkly blue eyes.  How am I going to manage not seeing this adorable face as much anymore?!  Woe is me. LOL  These little bundles of joy make my day.

I mean – how can you not melt with this smile?  I do love this blue door.


Naperville photographer


Downers Grove photographer


Hinsdale photographer


Then we walked down to the riverwalk for a few pictures outside, but man, it was hot that day.

Elmhurst photographer


Wheaton photographer


Then we went back to the studio for a little surprise for this baby guy.

Plainfield photographer


His first birthday cake!  Smash cakes are a fun way to end a twelve month session.  This was his very first taste of cake.  At fist, he didn’t know what to do with it, but after a lick, he was all for it.  He even tried picking up the entire thing, but only the top layer came up.  His expression cracks me up!

St charles photographer

Plainfield photographer


Firefly Nights Photography is an award-winning photographer provides portrait photography for maternity, newborn, baby, children, high school seniors, families, and athletes.  If you are interested in a session, contact us today.  We are located in downtown Naperville and easily service all of Chicago and its suburbs.

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